Maputo Special Reserve

Maputo Special Reserve or Maputo National Park (in Portuguese it's called the Reserva Especial de Maputo ou Parque Nacional de Maputo), formerly known as the Maputo Elephant Reserve is only 70km away from Maputo and a perfect day trip from this bustling city to this reborn reserve. The Maputo Special Reserve does not have the same animal concentration as nearby Kruger Park but it does have a flourishing animal population that has grown quickly over the last decade with elephants and other fauna such as hippopatumus, crocodiles, giraffes, monkeys, various species of small buck, and extensive birdlife.

This is a reserve that we highly recommend you only visit with an experiences guide. We cross over to Katembe and have a quick stop at the Hindi Temple at Salamanga before reaching this unique reserve that hugs much of the coast. Tours cost only $235 per person for min. 4 persons ($295 per person for 2 persons) and includes park fees, lunch, guide and all transport in this difficult terrain reserve.