Jane Flood Walking Tours

Jane Flood Walking Tours

(Maputo a Pé)

Architecture, Culture, and other hidden Gems

The original Jane Flood Top Ten now imitated by many shows the most important Historical and Architectural points in Maputo's famous "baixa" region of the city

Maputo Top Ten

Pancho Guedes Architectural Tour

Famed Artist and Architect Pancho Guedes reinforced Maputo as the African Continent's architectural capital with over 100 amazing projects, this tour shows you the highlights

Art Safari

Maputo is a thriving artist's playground with significant artists polishing their art here including the world-renowned Malangatana, and the contemporary favourite Mabunda. Visit some amazing places, see the hidden works

There are more Jane Flood Maputo a Pé walking tours that might be of interest to you. Contact us for more details. Specially designed tours are also available.